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Silhouette cutting by the hour:
$175 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. For your $300 fee, you receive the services of one silhouette artist for 2 hours, who will come to your event and cut one silhouette every 3-4 minutes (depending on how still your guests can be); each silhouette is mounted on card stock and placed into an 8 x 10 inch oval cut mat, and then placed in a plastic bag to keep it clean. It is 100% ready for framing, and you can pick up an 8 x 10 frame at any drugstore, arts and crafts store, or many department stores for under $10. You can also print off percent-off coupons for the crafts stores and get your frame for 40-50% off. The artist brings everything except electricity. We ask that if your event is indoors, that you provide 2 chairs and a small table. If it is outdoors, the artist will sit at a picnic table and work, or can bring their own chair and small table.

Silhouette cutting by the person:
$25 per person, which includes 2 silhouettes of each person (one faces left, the other, right), which are matted and bagged. You must make an appointment to have these done (call or email Marie Cheek).

Silhouette cutting for large events:
Up to 6 artists are available for large events. The same rates apply--$175 an hour per artist with a 2 hour minimum per artist. We do not book events and then charge money to the sitters, and we do not cut silhouettes at fairs. You, however, are free to hire the artists, then charge your attendees for their silhouettes. We suggest that you charge $15 for each silhouette and make sure that the artists stay busy so you can recoup your costs.

Please call Marie Cheek if you have any other questions.
703-354-5323 (Office) • 703-354-5323 (Mobile)


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